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      1. Your position: About Us

        Jilin Mingyuan Technology Co., Ltd. is a technologically advanced corporate enterprise located in Jilin Yongji Economic Zone, covering 12,000㎡. Our plant covers 4,000㎡. There are 60 employees, including, 2 doctors, and over 20 engineers. Main products are flexibilizer serie, environmental friendly damping material, water paint series, special fiber reinforced material, chemical auxiliary, PVC brightening agent and etc.
        Flexibilizer series products: Nylon flexibilizer, polyurethane flexibilizer, ABS flexibilizer, PC flexibilizer;
        Environmental friendly damping material: Colorful environmental friendly damping fin, ZN- ships and warships used environmental friendly inflaming retarding damping plate, ZP expansive type hollow parts acoustic insulating material, damping sheet, environmental friendly damping plate, car body exlusive use damping sound isolation rubber, rail and metro and rim used lubrication block;
        Water paint series: double component water stainless steel finger proofing material;
        Special fiber reinforced material: Carbon fiber reinforced polyphenylene sulfide, carbon fiber reinforced nylon 66;
        Chemical auxiliary:Water-based cleaning agent, water-based antirust agent, low temperature curing polyurethane release agent;
        PVC brightening agent;
        They are widely applied in automobile, construction, train, metro, warship, oil station, railway and air conditioning unit fields.
        In addition, we are professional in manufacturing of resin modifying agent, automobile exclusive used material and various engineering plastic.
        Jilin Mingyuan Technology Co., Ltd. has strong testing method, powerful development capacity. We would like to serve wide users with high quality products and sincere service. We expect to develop market together with you.

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